Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Engage with Nearpodʻs New Collaborate Slide Type

Do you personalize your class activities to address your learners needs?  How do you know where your learners are at and what questions they may have?   Are you looking for discussion starters?  You may already know about Nearpod, a web based one-to-one presentation and audience engagement tool.   You may not know of Nearpodʻs latest slide type "Collaborate."
LEE CC New Lecturer Orientation -Fall 2017

A Nearpod Collaborate slide allows students to post to an interactive class slide.  Peers can read each others posts and favorite them.  Instructors can choose to display or hide student names with their posts.

How would this work (scenario):

Instructor creates a Nearpod presentation which could include the standard type of content slides for students to engage with (text, images, multiple choice questions, or drawing etc.).  The instructor would also insert a Collaborate slide into the slide deck.  When the slide comes up, students use their device (phone, tablet, computer, Chromebook) to post a comment or question (think sticky notes).  Students can see each others posts and click on the heart icon to indicate they like it.  As more students like a post a number appears next to the heart.  In this manner the class can identify popular thoughts, comments or questions.  The instructor in turn can use this to inform/ guide the class activities.

Learn More:

To learn more about Nearpod Collaborate slide visit their website or blog.   If you are a Leeward Community College faculty, staff, lecturer please contact the Educational Media Center to learn more about how you might implement this tool into your workflow.

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